How To Choose A Home Restaurant Furniture Oven? Let's Take A Look At The Suggestions Here!

How To Choose A Home Restaurant Furniture Oven? Let’s Take A Look At The Suggestions Here!

The definition of the word “life” represents different meanings in different eras and different people’s eyes. Once, people’s definition of life is warm and well-off, and with the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life, and as the kitchen restaurant furniture that best reflects the quality of life, especially in high-end kitchens. Electricity has become hot in recent years.

How To Choose A Home Restaurant Furniture Oven? Let's Take A Look At The Suggestions Here!

Oven This practical kitchen and restaurant furniture, with its powerful functions, has been loved and favored by consumers since it was launched. It has become a must for tens of millions of families to buy kitchen appliances. People are rushing to buy. However, there are many household oven products on the market now, so where do we start when we choose? Which oven should I choose as our restaurant furniture? Let’s take a look at it together.

First of all, the capacity of the oven should be as large as possible. Although the price of a small oven is much cheaper than that of a large oven, if the capacity is too small, the food is unevenly heated, and the portion near the heating tube is easily baked. If you only want to do some simple cooking occasionally, then you can consider buying a 18-25L tabletop oven for baking some flat or smaller cooked foods. If you want to use the oven to cook a variety of exquisite dishes and snacks, you must at least prepare a medium-sized oven with more than 30L, top-bottomed, and temperature-controlled. The constant temperature inside the large oven is better, and the food is more evenly heated. If the kitchen space is small, but some cakes and the like will be made, the oven capacity should not be lower than 25L.

Choose electronic temperature control or mechanical temperature control? Some people say that electronic temperature control is easy to break, but electronic temperature control is indeed more accurate than mechanical temperature control. You just have to choose a good quality oven and you can’t go wrong. In addition, household ovens have more or less temperature differences, it is recommended that everyone prepare an oven thermometer, maybe it can save you a lot of biscuit cakes.

The appearance of the oven should be well sealed to minimize heat loss. Since the door is mostly opened from the top to the bottom, it should not be too tight, so as not to be burnt when it is too hot, it should not be too loose, otherwise it will ruin the glass door when it falls.

It is best not to choose a single-glazed door for the oven door. The insulation effect of the single-layer glass is not good, and there is more heat dissipation, so that the temperature near the oven door is slightly lower, resulting in uneven heating of the food. It is recommended that you choose a double or multi-layer glass door oven, the insulation effect is better, the inside of the oven is evenly heated, the finished product has a uniform maturity and color, and the external temperature of the door is relatively low, which is safe and not easy to burn.

If you are roasting chicken, duck, or dried fruits and vegetables at home, the hot air function will be very useful for you. When grilling some western spots, such as macarons, hot air can also make the food more evenly heated and increase the success rate. Note: When hot air is turned on, the heat power in the oven will increase and the temperature setting will be 10-20 degrees lower than the temperature of the upper and lower tube heating modes.

In addition, steam function can be very helpful if you often make European bags, cheesecakes or Peking ducks at home. Since the traditional oven has no steam function, people can only use the water bath method to make steam. This method is not only troublesome, but also has a low success rate, and the oven with steam can solve this problem well. As for the steam generating device, there are built-in direct injection type and external type cooking water type. Relatively speaking, the built-in direct injection type is better than the external type cooking water type. It is worth mentioning that the steam volume of some high-end steam ovens is controllable and adjustable.

How To Choose A Home Restaurant Furniture Oven? Let's Take A Look At The Suggestions Here!

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