Custom restaurant furniture in the layout of happiness

Custom restaurant furniture in the layout of happiness

Tasting food in a well-decorated restaurant is a great pleasure in life, both for satisfying taste satisfaction and for feeling the beauty of sight and soul. In the restaurant, restaurant furniture is an indispensable part, and all kinds of tableware are also necessary, so many people choose to custom restaurant furniture.

Custom restaurant furniture in the layout of happiness

It is important to pay attention to the important principles of restaurant decoration to make the restaurant time. More convenient and comfortable. If conditions permit, personally suggest that you can choose custom restaurant furniture in the dining room furniture.

Next, we will analyze the problems that the restaurant should pay attention to during the renovation.

It is best to have a separate restaurant for larger families. If the area is limited, you can also share a space between the restaurant and the living room or the restaurant and the hall. However, there should be obvious partitions between the dining room and the living room or the living room. For example, the space for dining by the treatment of the ground or the ceiling is limited. It is best not to have a restaurant with unclear restrictions.

The restaurant should create a relaxed and casual atmosphere
The restaurant should be bright and light enough to bring people a meal. The net width of the restaurant should not be less than 2.4m. In addition to the table and dining chair, we should have a place where we can place our custom restaurant furniture or wine cabinet. The restaurant with a wide area can be set up with a bar, a tea house, etc., providing a romantic and casual atmosphere for the host.

The restaurant is best adjacent to the kitchen but not in the kitchen.
The location of the restaurant and the kitchen is best adjacent, avoiding too far and too much meal time. However, for the cooking habits of Chinese food, the restaurant should not be located in the kitchen, because the smoke and hot air in the kitchen are heavy, and people sitting in it can not eat happily.

The restaurant should be simple and clean, giving a relaxed feeling.
The decoration of the restaurant is best to use materials that are easy to clean, the shape should be simple, and it should not be too cumbersome to make people feel depressed. Use warm and midtones for colors and avoid using “non-food colors”. To be good at using the lighting to set off the atmosphere of the dining, the restaurant generally uses telescopic chandeliers as the main lighting, with auxiliary wall lights, the color of the lights is preferably warm.

Follow the above four restaurant decoration principles to get a more satisfying restaurant and home space. With a satisfactory restaurant furniture space, it is necessary to match the best restaurant furniture, so I feel that customrestaurant furniture is a good choice.

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