"Bear" bowl, the warmest modern restaurant furniture tableware

Bowl With A Polar Bear, The Warmest Modern Restaurant Furniture Tableware

The art of restaurant furniture, tableware and dishes is not only an improvement in the taste of the dishes, but also the taste of the food. So, if you feel that you have no appetite for dinner, why not Try changing restaurant furnitureļ¼Ÿ

"Bear" bowl, the warmest modern restaurant furniture tableware

For example, the vegetable salad that everyone is eating now, if you use the ordinary bowl to tell the truth, the appetite is really average, but if you change the following, there is only a bowl of cute polar bears? Is it an instant to improve your appetite right! What I want to recommend today is that it is a multi-functional porcelain bowl with a polar bear, not inferior to custom restaurant furniture.

This tableware salad bowl, which is comparable to custom-made restaurant furniture, is full of ingenious salad bowls. There are two designs from Mima groceries. The one standing is a bear standing on the iceberg. The other is a bear lying in the middle of a bear lying on the iceberg with his legs crossed.

Safe and versatile low bone china material, this glacier polar bear bowl is made of low bone china. Bone China is recognized as the most high-grade porcelain in the world. Compared with the general ceramics, the firing process and the content of bone carbon make the bone china appear whiter, finer, more transparent and lighter.

Ordinary porcelain products will inevitably be corroded by acid and alkali in daily use, and there will be a long-term accumulation of trace metals, which will affect human health and bone china does not contain lead or cadmium harmful to human body. The glaze color process is exquisite in the production process, and the gloss is good.

In addition to being used as a general restaurant tableware, it is also suitable for microwave ovens and is a well-deserved green healthy ceramic. In this bowl, in the process of making, hollow grouting is used. The craft of hand-made embryos is not only the snow-capped mountains in the bowl, but also the cracks in the snow. The polar bears in the plate are hand-made by the master. The large-capacity and ultra-utility bowl has a diameter of 20.5cm and a height of 7.5cm. The bottom of the bowl has a groove design for easy folding. Matching bright soup dishes (such as boiled fish, Mapo tofu) makes the table alive and interesting.

"Bear" bowl, the warmest modern restaurant furniture tableware

Come and blend into the romantic scenery of the Arctic. Believe that this unique and ingenious glacial polar bear salad bowl can be used for salads, fruit, or dishes to make you feel good when you dine! We will also recommend many modern restaurant furniture and custom restaurant furniture information that you can enjoy your dining life better!

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